Friday, March 13, 2009

What was the police doing?

The child that was abducted and demanded one million rupees of ransom has been found dead. Earlier the abductors have threatened to kill the child if the police is informed.

The logical thing in a situation like this is, police to work undercover and keep silent about the incident. But the police issued the following statement to the media.

Now what prompted the police to publish the news even when the abductors have threatened to kill the child? Did the abductors get to know the involvement of the police before the announcement of the police or because of the announcement? If there is any free media left in Sri Lanka it should question the police seriously. If the unwanted announcement of the police had any say in the killing of the child the police should be made accountable. From now on no parents would dare to inform the police of any child abduction. It is the responsibility of the police to win the confidence of the public.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

So the UNP too use white vans now?

Prof Ganganath Dissanayake, the former controversial chairmen of SLRC under the previous UNP regime has been abducted and later released. The POLICE says that the proffessor claims that he was abducted by his former political party supporters. Notice the big POLICE, it has become something that we can't trust anymore. But if it is true, as far as I know the abductors would be the UNP supporters. That is great, made my day. IF it is true now we have two abductors instead of one, a great time to live I must tell, even the opposition abducts.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fall of Lalith Kothalawala

Overnight Lalith Kothalawala one of the most successful businessmen in Sri Lanka has become a villain. Most leftists loathed him anyway all this time because of their anti big business feelings but now everyone is putting kotalawala in the same boat as Sakwithi(saw indi saying something about a foot in twitter). Am I missing something here people, because I think it is not fair to call this man a thief.

He did a business, took money from people, promised them fortunes and got busted. What is the crime here? Doing a business? Promising over 30% interest is naive for a businessmen of his caliber, but does it qualify as cheating? Please pardon my ignorance and let me know if I have missed something here folks.