Thursday, December 31, 2009

Religiousness and intelligence

There was an interesting post on on the religious importance of countries. The most religious countries were likely to be less developed (Sri Lanka was among the top 10 most religious countries).

Now I found this article on average IQ of countries vs religious importance of the country. Countries that are more religious were more likely to have lesser IQ's while countrie that are less religious tend to have higher IQ's and be more developed as well.

I hope that no one will take this as an insult towards religions or an attempt to paint religious people as less intelligent. I don't say religions are nonsense but all the same I don't want to hide my jubilation after this find either because this is something I had observed and suspected all along.

The article
is very interesting please have a look.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Amila thero arrested

First I need to state the fact that I don't like Amila thero much. First I don't like it when Buddhist monks use the irrational blind faith that Sri Lankans hold towards Buddhism to achieve political objectives. I don't like Buddhists like amila thero who tries to combine government and religion into one. I don't like monks who think they own this country over the unsuspecting common man. I don't like rowdy monks like this thero who give a bad image to Buddhism which is infact an interesting philosophy. But whether I don't like it or not anyone in this country has the right to engage in politics. The government should understand this or at least the public should.

Amila thero has been arrested by the CID and the move looks highly suspicious. It is a well known fact that National Bikkhu Front which is led by amila thero took sides with the JVP after Wimals defection and is supporting the candidature of Fonseka. The thero had been an outspoken critic of the government for sometime now. It is stated that the thero had recently attended a rally of Fonseka and made some powerful speeches.

The allegation against the thero is taking money to send people abroad through illegal channels. Given the fact that the police and the CID shamelessly politicized under this government this is most like a false allegation. Or else if the allegations are true why had the CID have to wait this long? Does that mean you can engage in corruption as long as you support the government? Either way the actions of the CID and the government is undemocratic. What is most dangerous is not this undemocratic behavior of the government but general public tolerating these things over various excuses. Looks like our society has come to a point where those in power could do anything and get away.