Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hope the government would have 2/3 majority

The ideal case in a democracy is a Strong government with a strong opposition to keep the government in check. But the best thing I can see in this situation is government taking 2/3 majority. The argument that the government would be undemocratic under such a situation is invalid. We have had a demo-crazy for the past few years so there won't be much of a change.

Our moronic constitution that is only loved by the president in power should be changed. This could be the last chance for that. The opportunity is almost too good to be true. Who thought any side would be able to take 140+ seats in this electoral system? There is certainly a chance of this government taking another ineffective, unbalanced and retarded constitution forward but at least it would be up to date. So I guess this is a chance we should take.

UNP is almost useless at the moment. With no leadership change in sight UNP would continue to be in this state. The only struggle for good governance and democracy would come from JVP and Fonseka camp. Yes there is a Fonseka camp, a small group of citizen but yet who are loyal to Fonseka (Could Mahinda be someone without SLFP or his Father's Brother? No. I think that is what led to the the fall out of Fonseka and Mahinda. Rulers are one jealous kind). So more seats for JVP would mean something for the ordinary citizen but no so in the case of UNP.

Then again after giving 2/3rd majority the government can't ask for more from us. This government is a whinning whore. Whenever there is an unsolved problem, a burning issues or bad governance there is always a foreign conspiracy government had to tackle. The mostly used argument was government had not enough power to tackle these foreign conspiracies and sadly majority of people fall right into these lies. After having 2/3rd majority it would be hard to find excuses for failing.

Have 2/3rd majority, then work or walk.