Thursday, May 28, 2009

To some LTTE was

To some hate mongers among LTTE was,
A product of west, when they wanted to hate west,
A product of India, when they wanted to hate India,
some catholics, when they wanted to hate catholics,
some tamils, when they wanted to hate tamils.

Interesting thing was for them the definition LTTE changed routinely accordingly to whom they wanted to hate. Now that the LTTE is gone would they come with new enemies?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Final hours of Prabha

The official story, that Prabhakaran was shot somehow and then soldiers finding his body in a lagoon while media been able cover that exact moment live sound like a fairy to me. Army chief keep insisting that Prabhakaran was killed even before his body was found was also suspicious. I think Prabhakran was captured through a surprise commando type attack or a gas attack and then executed. Is the body of Pottu Amman found? If not it would also surface from some lagoon after some time I guess.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Will tamil militancy rise again?

IMHO I don't think so for the following reasons.

1) Almost all the top leadership of LTTE is gone.
2) Tamil people who supported tamil militancy back in 1980's had not experienced any war, but now they have. I don't think those people would want any more war.
3) Even guarilla style attacks by any remaining LTTE cadres would not be possible. Our Special Forces have become very lethal over the years and Sri Lanka is a small island with no crossable borders.
4) TamilNadu does not look like much enthusiastic about a Tamil Ealam.

So in my opinion any power devolution to address the tamil militancy problem is not required anymore. Devolution of power away from the western province should take place, but any devolution should be equal across the whole country, North and East should not be treated in any special way just because there was an uprising.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Let's hoist the national flag minus the buddhist flag

The conventional military force of LTTE is made to rest, with almost all the top leadership killed. People are celebrating all over the place, and rightly so. Let's hoist the national flag everywhere possible and feel proud. But While doing that let's remove the Buddhist flags that could be seen along with the national flag on some places. Don't bring Buddhism into this.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Where is the old Beyond Frame

I found some rare free time after so much time, hence finding myself writing more, and yes some could be spam posts.

Beyond Frame Was my previous favorite sinhala blogger, until taboo subject came along and BF decided to make his blog ridicule dedicated. BF if you are reading this I just wanted to tell that you are good at ridiculing the ridiculous but you were better when you wrote about real issues.

Another thing I noticed is BF never comes to the list of top blog posts, yet his blogs hits are a mammoth 30,000. So he must have made a dedicated reader set. One of those who started through kottu but has moved ahead. Congrats BF!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Ban request on chilichoclate

NB did an ass stunt on RD and got banned from kottu. It was said that there was a policy on kottu against exposing private details of other bloggers. Fair enough.

Now I see Chilichoclate or whatever has done a NB on NB himself by posting not only his photos but his family's as well. By going by the policies of kottu it is my belief that this blog should also be banned.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Murderers in uniforms

I blogged yesterday about the hypocrisy in politics where the poor and weak can't do the same thing what the powerful and the wealthy is doing. How police is going over the law to kill one set while doing the same to protect the other set.

I found this article about extra judicial killing by the police and see the comments of our citizens. The majority approves these killing. Looks like everybody has become cold blooded, maybe the result of war mentality. Here are my two cents on the issue.

If crimes has gone way above controllable limits in this so called passionate land of the Buddhists and drastic measures are called for like in the case of LTTE lets change our laws. Let's create an elite police unit that go after criminals but an unit that should also be accountable when need arises. Let's change the law so these units can go after criminals but should report to the judiciary and should justify their actions when the need arises.

The current situation is simply unacceptable. If you do a horrible crime and you have no power you will be killed by the police but if you do the same crime but is on the side where power lies police will protect you. Example is Piyasiri wijenayake, he will be freed simply because police was not prepared to file the case properly. Remember the education department official who stole millions and threw acid at a auditor? The courts are still asking the police to file the case, it is like 4 or 5 years now.

And what about the citizens led by the self appointed most passionate Buddhists of our country? When police kill a criminal that has no influence they cheer it, but vote overwhelmingly to Duminda da Silvas and Sumathipalas who are also criminals but of course with some influence. And here I was, advocating to fight this system which favors the powerful over the weak!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hypocrisy of west

I see that many people are troubled by the hypocrisy of west these days. It is like they have been expecting the west to act differently. The west is hypocritical and it would continue be that way. Even if they change their stances on our situation for something else they would continue to be hypocrites. Anyone care to think why is this? Because politics is hypocritical, inherently it is so. Do any of you think we are less hypocritical than them? Is India better than them? People see double standards in white skinned westerns than in brown skinned Indians when the reality is they are the same(actually this should be racism right?). They are lecturing us to show that they are more powerful than us and to please their voting blocks. What about china? I think I should dedicate one full post for the interests of Chinese.

Politics is all about power, where the poor and the weak can't do the same thing that the mighty and the powerful can do. That is why super power US can kill afghan civilians by air strikes freely while poor south asian Sri Lankan government can't kill tamil civilians. Of course US government would apologize but would they do anything to stop them? I doubt, to them US lives are more valuable than afghan lives. When it comes to SL we would not even apologize or acknowledge about civilians causalities for that matter. But we do shout about afghan civilians. Hypocrisy anyone?

When fighting against LTTE we want the whole world to stand by us, to call every terrorist a terrorist but when Israel is fighting against Hamas even Mahinda is attending Palestine solidarity movements. The main interest of those movements is Muslims votes. Double standards anyone?

We see that police going over the law to kill suspects. But when Saman kumara Ramawickramas and Piyasiri wijenayakes do the same, police go over the law, this time to protect them. Isn't these double standards? When the sinhala youth take arms it is called an uprising but when Tamil youth take arms it is called terrorism.

Now is the most difficult part, Colombo hypocrisy. When a bomb goes off in colombo and another in wanni what has more effect in military operations? Isn't there a higher value on wealthy colombian lives than on those poor people in wanni or Monaragala for that matter. Aren't these double standards?

It is time for people to fight this elitist, corrupt and selfish system. Rather than making this a washington vs comlombo thing it should be US citizens taking on Washington and Sri Lankans taking on Colombo. Fighting to make Washington and Colombo more accountable not only for americans and Sri Lankans but for the whole world.