Monday, April 13, 2009

Filthy me

Have you seen the video of the kid with his legs blown off? One completely and the other below the knee? Well I did only manage to see it today. It was there, I saw the link to that post in kottu, yet I didn't look at it. I didn't have the courage to do so, deep inside me I always knew these things are happening in wanni and I was guilty, I had been a filthy bastard. The evidence I didn't want to see was presented right before my eyes yet I opted not to look at it. After finally looking at the video I was sick, sick with myself. If I can do nothing to stop these things at least I should have been open to acknowledge that all is not as rosy as one sided propaganda machines are painting.

ok we have been forced into an inevitable war by the LTTE, the racist Tamil scum. The Tamil society is responsible for not challenging this racist ultra nationalists before it was too late. Helpless Tamils and ignorant Tamils were taken by the LTTE while retreating and are now been used as a human shield. Human causalities are inevitable in these conditions. All these are correct. But who gave me the license to look away when deep within me, I knew that there is a humanitarian crisis taking place right now and when evidence is been presented right before my eyes? I didn't have to do much, all I had to do was just click the link in kottu and it took me this much of time to do it.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Is Saman Kumara Ramawickrame above the law?

We had SB spending his jail term in a luxurious hospital room. We are having Mr Kotalawala doing the same thing(I don't think he is guilty of the charges against him, but he should be in remand). In those cases it was the corruption of hospitals that allowed them to spend their jail terms and remand terms in hospitals. Not malfunctioning of the law.

But now we have a scoundrel hiding behind patriotism who had been taking the whole country, at least a fair amount, on ride while been a thief, a smuggler who is none other than Saman Kumara Ramawickrama, the popular military correspondent of the SLRC. He was caught red handed while transporting stolen goods from the battle fields of Wanni but the law chose to side with the culprit instead of the commoner.

Yes, I am pissed off. What does qualify this man to be above the law? Only thing is been a part and a slave of the Mahinda camp. What would have happened if me or you( who is not part of the Mahinda camp) got caught? Do we need a law like this?

The most worrying thing is the deafening silence of the media over this case. Some chose not to report this, and some were not prepared to mention the name of the thief. None were prepared to question the apparent police cover up of the incident. This is exactly what the Mahinda camp wanted from the day one and which they had been doing successfully. Creating a malfunctioning, back boneless media, a law and finally a society. The idiots who were jubilant when Sirasa got attacked and Lasantha got killed must understand is this. They don't attack media for the love for me or you, they do it for they're own selfish, corrupt needs. If even this slave pawn can evade the law what about all the bigwigs of the Mahinda camp? Dare to ponder?