Sunday, April 5, 2009

Is Saman Kumara Ramawickrame above the law?

We had SB spending his jail term in a luxurious hospital room. We are having Mr Kotalawala doing the same thing(I don't think he is guilty of the charges against him, but he should be in remand). In those cases it was the corruption of hospitals that allowed them to spend their jail terms and remand terms in hospitals. Not malfunctioning of the law.

But now we have a scoundrel hiding behind patriotism who had been taking the whole country, at least a fair amount, on ride while been a thief, a smuggler who is none other than Saman Kumara Ramawickrama, the popular military correspondent of the SLRC. He was caught red handed while transporting stolen goods from the battle fields of Wanni but the law chose to side with the culprit instead of the commoner.

Yes, I am pissed off. What does qualify this man to be above the law? Only thing is been a part and a slave of the Mahinda camp. What would have happened if me or you( who is not part of the Mahinda camp) got caught? Do we need a law like this?

The most worrying thing is the deafening silence of the media over this case. Some chose not to report this, and some were not prepared to mention the name of the thief. None were prepared to question the apparent police cover up of the incident. This is exactly what the Mahinda camp wanted from the day one and which they had been doing successfully. Creating a malfunctioning, back boneless media, a law and finally a society. The idiots who were jubilant when Sirasa got attacked and Lasantha got killed must understand is this. They don't attack media for the love for me or you, they do it for they're own selfish, corrupt needs. If even this slave pawn can evade the law what about all the bigwigs of the Mahinda camp? Dare to ponder?


Times Eye said...


madura said...

its a big ass fake news
the news was from PRO LTTE news website
you can see a link to from the site also
the site reported that saman will be taken out of reporting and punished and the police was informed not to take the news to the masses including the public.
Go search on youtube you'll find saman's reply for this. Im not one of the "mahinda party" but I just search for evidence of the news before putting it up on my blog!

Liberal Lanka said...

Madura it was awfully nice of you to search for evidence. Yes he would have certainly acknowledged if he had done any treason.

There was a complete story in ravaya and another one in sundaytimes without any names. If you can find them you will understand what sort of a joke we have in the name of law.

here are two sites that do support the war support

madura said...

Your just another dumb liberal dude
go to and search for "saman kumara ramawikrama" or similar
They have removed the (fake)news and go do a who is lookup on lankatruth and srilankaguardian

srilankaguardian is under privacy protection - like

and lankatruth is just anoter site of a guy living abroad
you trust those freaks but not sundaytimes?? thats retarded dude

Dailymirror didnt even post the news because it wasnt confirmed not because government announced its fake

Liberal Lanka said...

Oh yeah? Here is the link then

BTW there was a good article on ravaya which is one of the very few media that still have a pair of balls.

Lankatruth is the unofficial news site of JVP, get your facts right.

Daily mirror may not have reported it because once they get their office burnt corruption cronies like you would claim that Daily mirror themselves burnt their office to get the insurance.

You are the dream of our corrupted ruling class.

Anonymous said...

oh dood maduruwo, yo such an govt obsessed c.nt. go f... wt d "anduwe horanaa" n d big patriotic reporter. rottn c.ntz... sry 4 d language Libaral Lanka, but c.nts like this dumb f... deserves. tc all