Thursday, December 31, 2009

Religiousness and intelligence

There was an interesting post on on the religious importance of countries. The most religious countries were likely to be less developed (Sri Lanka was among the top 10 most religious countries).

Now I found this article on average IQ of countries vs religious importance of the country. Countries that are more religious were more likely to have lesser IQ's while countrie that are less religious tend to have higher IQ's and be more developed as well.

I hope that no one will take this as an insult towards religions or an attempt to paint religious people as less intelligent. I don't say religions are nonsense but all the same I don't want to hide my jubilation after this find either because this is something I had observed and suspected all along.

The article
is very interesting please have a look.


Kulendra said...

Err well one question though.

Most of the countries seem to have an IQ below 100, which means regardless of their take on religion, they have a sub-standard intelligence (IQ is normalised at 100)

Btw, BBC aired an interesting documentry abour two months back called Race and Intelligence. It was trying to answer the question whether Chinese are really smarter than the Blacks. Find it and watch it, will try to send you the link if I find it.

Liberal Lanka said...


There are only a few countries that have an average IQ higher than 100, and in that article every country is not listed.

If you are interested here is the original article on importance of religion in countries.

you can compare importance of religion of those countries with their average IQ's. The pattern gets more clearer.

please send me the documentary, sounds interesting. I can't be sure about ethnicities inside western countries but IQ rates of east asians easily surpass those of Africans.