Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dear Mr President

In the last presidential election you were my opponent. To me you represented all the conservative pricks. You had bagged all the sinhala racists(The tamil racists were also actually supporting you, got to know only after they boycotted the elections). Also you represented most of the Marxists as well. It looked like anyone could join your rainbow alliance regardless of their policies as long as they have sworn to be the enemy of the UNP. Worst of all you looked like that phony who would take our liberties away in the name of the Sinhala Buddhist culture, when in reality living a luxurious elitist life yourself.

Not to be outdone there was your political record. A not so gentlemen when it came to elections in the deep south. An evident corruption case under your belt in the name of Helping Hambantota. So when the results were out on the election day i was devastated. I thought that another six years of valuable time is lost.

Now when looking back I am happy that you won. The war was the main challenge we were facing and you executed it in grand style. Right now I am pissed off with all the past leaders who didn't have the political will to finish the LTTE off. Congratulations Mr president you will go down in the history as that leader who won a war against all odds, and hopefully as the final leader who united Sri Lanka under one flag. But having said all these, I would still be your opponent not only because we stand for complete different ideals but also because of the things I have mentioned above. You may be the leader who liberated our motherland, but you are still the politician you used to be.

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