Monday, February 16, 2009

So the government won

So the government won, won it in JR style and there is nothing astonishing about it. Government delivered in the military front, there is hope about a new united Sri Lanka, so can't blame the public for crossing the beatle leaf. Ranil is out of style now, there is only one way for Ranil to come into power again, by waiting and hoping that the public will start to get displeased with the alliance. I guess He would have to wait a long time for that, at least till Mahinda finishes his two terms. Not only will Ranil unable to get to power anyone that slightly resembles him would not be able to come into power. Everyone in the near future will have to put the phony stunt, get dressed in the national dress go visit every possible temple in the island, and if possible listen to 'bana' on poya days and make sure the public see it. Even if you are a illicit liquor dealer in the past I would guarantee you would get to the top of politics provided that you can put up the stunt. Just make sure that the public would not know your past, that is easy here, media are not with the people they are with the power.

So would the dreams of the overwhelming majority who voted for the government be fulfilled? I guess not. Would the cabinet be reduced? Maybe by 10 or 15 but not as required. Remember what happened with petrol? Will the president and ministers get rid of their huge number of unwanted adversaries who are just friends, supporters and family? No, now that the power is on their side number of adversaries and their costs would sky rocket. Would there be balanced growth? No colombo will grow simply because it is the commercial hub, Hambantota will see some more mega projects courtesy of Mahinda(most of them are unwanted, would only indebt the country more) and the rest of the of the country would be just tax payers. Corruption? Would only increase now that they have more power and because the JVP(the only anti-corruption party in Sri Lanka) would be kicked out from the parliament in a near future general election. All the corrupts representing business, media, lawyers, intellects, military, celebrities, monks and politicos would flock to the government. All would start to paint a rosy picture and people would believe it until they start to feel that all is not right. This is the same cycle, they come as saints, the corrupt circles flock to them, after some time people get rid of their blindness to see the real picture.

What about the ethnic conflict? I see hope only in this area. I think the dirty terrorists who have been eating at our true potential would be finished once and for all. Moderate tamils would start to oppose LTTE now that their power is gone. Everyone would have to live with the fact that Sri Lanka is not dividable. But at the same time the government would have to act carefully here. Once the top leadership of the LTTE is taken care of there should be a way for the remaining cadres and the followers of the LTTE ideology to come into mainstream politics. Remember what happened with the JVP? You can't destroy ground level movements militarily alone. Whether we like it or not, the north east would not prosper in an instant as Mahinda promises. There will be tamil youth that would be disgrunted with the system who would feel that they are not part of the system. I think the LTTE in the same name or in any other name would continue to represent that segment. Just like the JVP that segment should come into mainstream politics and maybe they can play a historical role, who knows? JVP used terrorist tactics in their false uprisings, should have been beaten militarily but once they came into mainstream politics they carved out a niche for themselves(like I said they are the only anti-corruption party in SL). So the government won, let's see how the governance would be like.

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