Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fonseka, Mahinda and Corruption

Sri Lanka is a really interesting subject when it comes to politics. Scandals don't come into light until those who are accused cross away from the side where power resides. Then those who are militantly protected labeled as true patriots become traitors overnight. The latest drama is the so called scandal of Hycorp international which is supposed to be managed by the son in law of Sri Lankas only serving four star General, Rajapakshe families only threat, presidential candidate Rtd General Sarath Fonseka.

I think some scandal must have happened here. I had great respect for this man but I was not one who religiously believed him to be a saint like those from the patriotic camp (interesting these are the same people who are attacking fonseka most now). I was not blinded by patrionism to see the arrogant nature of Fonseka and I didn't claim Fonseka to be the Worlds best army commander, well because it was so naive of our citizens. But I still give him the credit he deserves. He is a disclipined man, there are more than enough facts to believe he is much much less corrupt than the Rajapakshe trio.

I think Fonseka needs at least try to clean himself here. I think someone from Fonseka camp should come to a debate with the government about the alleged frauds in arms deals. But so should Mahinda. Mahinda should at least try to clean himself from Helping Hambantota scandal. Mahinda should explain what right he has to spend public money for his election campaign through various 'dansalas'( those who attend these dansalas should be ashamed of themselves than Mahinda). Mahinda should explain how cross overs in Sri Lanka cost way too much than international standards and I think I could keep continuing these things.

Once the election is over Goatabaya also should try to clean himself. I personally need the Lanka Logistics to go through a proper investigation( even though I know the result of the investigation if Mahinda wins) and the CID needs to investigate about a certain security firm that is getting most of the security contracts of government institutions.

This puzzles me why only Fonseka needs to clean himself when it is apparent who has most of corruption allegations against in this presidencial elections.


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