Monday, April 13, 2009

Filthy me

Have you seen the video of the kid with his legs blown off? One completely and the other below the knee? Well I did only manage to see it today. It was there, I saw the link to that post in kottu, yet I didn't look at it. I didn't have the courage to do so, deep inside me I always knew these things are happening in wanni and I was guilty, I had been a filthy bastard. The evidence I didn't want to see was presented right before my eyes yet I opted not to look at it. After finally looking at the video I was sick, sick with myself. If I can do nothing to stop these things at least I should have been open to acknowledge that all is not as rosy as one sided propaganda machines are painting.

ok we have been forced into an inevitable war by the LTTE, the racist Tamil scum. The Tamil society is responsible for not challenging this racist ultra nationalists before it was too late. Helpless Tamils and ignorant Tamils were taken by the LTTE while retreating and are now been used as a human shield. Human causalities are inevitable in these conditions. All these are correct. But who gave me the license to look away when deep within me, I knew that there is a humanitarian crisis taking place right now and when evidence is been presented right before my eyes? I didn't have to do much, all I had to do was just click the link in kottu and it took me this much of time to do it.


madura said...

It wasnt blown off(as i got the news) it was out out by an Axe!! by seeing the video you can surely get that it wasnt an explosion the upper part of the boy's body is unharmed. It was the punishment for try to flea NFZ from LTTE. Get the news correct!

Liberal Lanka said...

Of course they should have been axed, because there are zero civilian causalities in the war zone right? Our bullets go zig zag finding only the terrorists and our shells and jet bombs float before they find a military target without any civilians near by.

madura said...

RE READ what i commented,

Did i say that civilians are unharmed?

Did i say bullets go zig zagging finding civilians only?

yanne koheda malle pol

watch the freaking video again and watch army/ltte casualties after being shelled
theres no probability of getting a shell hit and your legs get blown off but the rest of you isnt harmed ...thats what i said if it goes into ur liberal brain !

Liberal Lanka said...

Explosions are not always caused by shelling and explosions could blow off your legs. Try to get that into your medieval aged brain.

Anonymous said...

You hold Tamil society responsible for failing to keep the LTTE in check? Do you place a similar onus on Sinhalese society for every government ill for the past 60 years?

Surely Sinhalese society has more power to hold their leadership into account, no? You elect your representatives to office. Tamils don't elect anyone, the Tigers appointed themselves. You can question them, but only while facing down the barrel of a gun and praying.

There are certainly Tamils who support the LTTE and there are many who don't, just like in any society. You can't hold a group responsible for a subgroups actions. To do so would be to justify collective blame and thus collective punishment. I think we've had enough of that already.

Liberal Lanka said...


can we agree that LTTE is the result of Tamil ultra nationalism, and there was no challenge for it from tamils at the initial stages?

Now we can't equate sri lankan government with LTTE. If by any means the current ultra sinhala nationalism result in a Nazi like regime in Sri Lanka I would have to blame the sinhalese.

I do blame tamils for not challenging LTTE but no I don't justify collective punishment. But whether we like it or not facts are facts right?