Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hypocrisy of west

I see that many people are troubled by the hypocrisy of west these days. It is like they have been expecting the west to act differently. The west is hypocritical and it would continue be that way. Even if they change their stances on our situation for something else they would continue to be hypocrites. Anyone care to think why is this? Because politics is hypocritical, inherently it is so. Do any of you think we are less hypocritical than them? Is India better than them? People see double standards in white skinned westerns than in brown skinned Indians when the reality is they are the same(actually this should be racism right?). They are lecturing us to show that they are more powerful than us and to please their voting blocks. What about china? I think I should dedicate one full post for the interests of Chinese.

Politics is all about power, where the poor and the weak can't do the same thing that the mighty and the powerful can do. That is why super power US can kill afghan civilians by air strikes freely while poor south asian Sri Lankan government can't kill tamil civilians. Of course US government would apologize but would they do anything to stop them? I doubt, to them US lives are more valuable than afghan lives. When it comes to SL we would not even apologize or acknowledge about civilians causalities for that matter. But we do shout about afghan civilians. Hypocrisy anyone?

When fighting against LTTE we want the whole world to stand by us, to call every terrorist a terrorist but when Israel is fighting against Hamas even Mahinda is attending Palestine solidarity movements. The main interest of those movements is Muslims votes. Double standards anyone?

We see that police going over the law to kill suspects. But when Saman kumara Ramawickramas and Piyasiri wijenayakes do the same, police go over the law, this time to protect them. Isn't these double standards? When the sinhala youth take arms it is called an uprising but when Tamil youth take arms it is called terrorism.

Now is the most difficult part, Colombo hypocrisy. When a bomb goes off in colombo and another in wanni what has more effect in military operations? Isn't there a higher value on wealthy colombian lives than on those poor people in wanni or Monaragala for that matter. Aren't these double standards?

It is time for people to fight this elitist, corrupt and selfish system. Rather than making this a washington vs comlombo thing it should be US citizens taking on Washington and Sri Lankans taking on Colombo. Fighting to make Washington and Colombo more accountable not only for americans and Sri Lankans but for the whole world.


The Benevolent Dictator said...

Good post...some people just don't get the irony.

Liberal Lanka said...

yes that is the problem. Everyone see fault only when they were committed at the other end.

Sam said...

There is nothing absolute. Everything is relative manipulation. You think west don’t know about their hypocrisy or any other shameful behaviors? They very well do. And same we are. I don’t think that as a problem. If that is a problem, it should have a solution. In the absence of solution, it becomes a situation.

I don’t mean either us or west should be that way. Behaviors of the civilizations may change over the time, when it is required. But so far, the hypocrisy business works very well for all of us.

Liberal Lanka said...


Sorry Sam I can't agree with you here. I am a Nationalist, a patriot but to me those lie just below truth, justice, honesty and humanity.

//But so far, the hypocrisy business works very well for all of us.

it is working well for Bush's, piyasiri wijenayakes and prabakarans. can you show how in the world is it working for a tribal afghan kid, a trailer park owner in US or a farmer in Monaragala?

I see no better time for change than this. Should we wait until we are pushed into another world war by hypocrites in NY, Shanghai or Mumbai?

Sam said...

A farmer in Monaragala is a hypocrite in their own environment as much as a politician in their environment and capacity. I don’t think every Afgan kid innocent like Hassan, Amir is a hypocrite and Assef is a hypocrite too (kite runner)..

May be you and Obama are right. We can make the world what we wanted it to be and we are the people who we are waiting for.

Liberal Lanka said...


can I ask you some questions?
1)Is it ok to call sinhala arm struggles as uprisings while calling tamil ones as terrorism?
2)Is it ok to retaliate hard when a bomb goes off in colombo but not so when 15 gets slaughtered in monaragala?
3)Is police hypocrisy ok? 'Does it become a situation in absence of a solution'?

Sam said...

Sinhala uprising (if you mean JVP one), use terrorism as much as LTTE. I don’t know who else except JVP, won’t call it terrorism.

But there are fundamental differences between JVP and LTTE. Sri Lanka was not the enemy in JVP uprising or America was not the enemy in Black uprising, but Sri Lanka is the enemy of LTTE and they treat it as such.

I know firsthand, when something happened in Mathara, people around there pay more attention, than when 15 died in Colombo. People live in Colombo, such as you, me and others who call themselves journalists, pay more attention to things happening around our little comfort zone, than in Monaragala. Also when something happens in the Capital, there is always more theatrical and propaganda value to it.

Yes. In absence of a solution, anything becomes a situation. There is no such thing call police hypocrisy, it is corruption and malfunctioning. (Judiciary, parliament and others who make decisions can be hypocritical) And corruption is not OK and that is the biggest curse on us.

I honestly hope not you are been overly optimistic when you say there is no better time for change than this. Do you think we have education system capable of supporting such a philosophical change? If we do, end of a war is always the best time for social upgrade.

Liberal Lanka said...

If terrorism is terrorizing civilians to achieve some political goal no matter what differences the JVP uprising should be terrorism, and no except for a few, others don't call the jvp uprisings as terrorism.

//I know firsthand, when something happened in Mathara, people around there pay more attention, than when 15 died in Colombo.

Naturally, but what i meant was politics in colombo. When a bomb goes off everytime in colombo they go and bomb LTTE targets. But how many times did the LTTE slaughter civilians in monaragala and ampara? Imagine what would have happened if LTTE slaughter 15 civilians in maharagama.