Monday, January 25, 2010

Elections, peaceful as of now

Election has been peaceful as of now. There is no reason to believe it would turn violent in the last moment.

Indi reports of some minor incidents that has occurred in various parts of the island. But as he also points out these are not very serious and would not have any drastic effect on the final results.

But there are concerns regarding what is going on in North where majority of votes would go to Opposition candidate Sarath Fonseka( Some are skeptical about this like SittingNut, but it is obvious to anyone who has some connection with the earth).

There had been some explosions. Obviously these are done by the Government side and are not to create any physical harm but to try to scare voters because the advantage is for Fonseka in those parts.

Then government is claiming that JVP parliamentaraian Wijtha Herath is been arrested in vavuniya with a group of army personnel who were trying to create violence. A little amount of common sense is enough to realize that Fonseka has an advantage in North and there is reason for them to create violence in North. But there will always be people who would believe in these lies, both in blogsphere and out. What likely happened is Wijitha Herath and their elections monitores were obstructed in vavuniya and delayed for some hours. Shame on government officials who are aiding the party in power. Will have to wait to learn what exactly happened.

Then there is the report of IDP's not receiving transport the government promised. It is obvious (to anyone connected with the earth) that these votes are advantages to Fonseka or otherwise government would have made sure these people get adequate transport to go and vote.

The result of these pathetic attempts would be voter turn out in North would be much lower than in south and Tamils up north would lose more confidence in our state.

But all in all these incidents would not have much effect in the final results and overall I am happy on how things are going on.

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