Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The last desperate lie

The last lie of the election that is. There will newer bigger lies and deceptions if this set keeps ruling us.

It was despicable. Anyone with common sense should have been able to understand that Sarath Fonseka has all requirements to be the president of Sri Lanka. The requirements are not that hard. They are,

1) The candidate should be a citizen of Sri Lanka
2) The candidate should be above 18 years old

Since Fonseka was born and living here the last time we knew is there anyway for him to lose his citizenship here? But what the government painted was a different picture, that Fonseka would not be able to be sworn in as the president even if he win. Now what kind of a dirty tactic is that which is obviously a lie?

But what some people want to find out is why didn't Fonseka announce he is not registered to vote. What kind of a question is that when it is clear what government did was false propaganda. If Fonseka announced, it would have better but is there any reason for anyone to announce that they are not registered to vote for whatever the reasons?

The real reason to concerned with is the lie and false propaganda of the government on the final election hours but those who don't want to see the nakedness of the rulers are trying hard to peek at the underwear of Fonseka.


Anonymous said...

No one gives a fuck about your has been general. Now go and kill yourself. Mahinda is Prez!!!!

Liberal Lanka said...


I hope someone does. The man deserves more than this.

Bardo Flanks said...

The man deserves a good solid kick in the rump for being such a gullible jackass.

For betraying Major General Shavendra Silva and colluding with the TNA, he should be hung by his balls in the Galle-face Green.

Liberal Lanka said...

@Bardo Flank

Why don't we put it as 'for challenging the rulers'?

As for the TNA,

We will have to live with the fact that North East tamils have chosen TNA as their most preferred representation. Like other minor parties they would also side with a major party in an election. This time common candidate got their support next they may support the government. So don't be quick to label siding with TNA as treacherous. You may have to change your words.

Bardo Flanks said...

As I've said before, the TNA are not traitors. They are the enemy. It's people who collude with the enemy that are treacherous and should be hung by their balls.

I would oppose whatever party that TNA (in its current unrepentant form) supports. Had they endorsed Mahinda, I would have voted for Fonseka without hesitation.

I only know what Fonseka is by the company he keeps.

Liberal Lanka said...


My guess is that TNA would join the government. Government can't have the 2/3 majority they are so desperate of without TNA.

But the moment that happens TNA would become the good guys and those who oppose TNA would become racists. That is how the mindset of the society would be shaped by the mighty propaganda machine.