Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sad but it looks like government would rig the polls

Our good friend at kottu VIC says Mahinda would win and on 27th the opposition would blame on election malpractices for the defeat. Well that is likely but also what is going around suggests that the Government is desperate(it is not confident to the level of it's supporters like VIC, SittingNut, etc) and is prepared to win this by even hook or by crook.

There was a serious incident where a navy lorry had been caught transporting ballot boxes and government finally succeeding in releasing it. Have a look at this article on Lanka Truth(there are videos as well).

I dread for what is happening under the hoods.


Anonymous said...

Stop Spouting Bullshit men, the Navy Vehicle was caught with Anti-SF Propaganda material, not bloody Ballot papers or Ballot boxes as you and LankaTruth(False) the UNP ass lickers would like us to believe... don't take the Sri Lankan blogosphere readers for idiots!

Tell the truth and we will listen to your side of the story too... but don't treat us as idiots!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! We're not idiots!

And Liberal Lanka is a sexist!

Liberal Lanka said...

@Anon 1

ok LankaTruth is biased towards Fonseka but what have you against the report? Wonder why government was so desperate to take away this lorry but was not so to take away the CTB caught with anti-SF posters in Gampaha yesterday?

Let's relax till 26th then. But I still dread, is there anything wrong with that?

@Anon 2

Can you pls tell me how you derived at your so relevant conclusion?

Liberal Lanka said...

Now Nimal Lewke had been transfered from jafna to colombo. sigh.

sittingnut said...

lol @ liberal lanka reduced to believing jvp rag sheet. he is even reduced to adding lies to that rag sheet story.

all this bc his fantasy world is falling around him and had yp face reality . as alwaya with ppl like him it is others who are at fault . if election is lost by his side it is bc other side rigged it ! never mind the big margins , unpopularity of terrorist supporters and paeceniks, not to mention marxists he now so lean on

if any ond cares for moaning of liberal lanka give him tissue, am not wasting even a tissue on him .

Liberal Lanka said...


If you can address any questions directly to me I think it would be easier for us to debate.

What you have to say about Nimal Lewke's transfer just 24 hours before the elections which is a serious violation of election laws? Aren't you concerned about these incidents? well I am and since you are a peculiar libertarian I am not surprised either.

If nothing serious happens in the election it is good. But there is a possibility. Amazing how you are able to say nothing will have with full confidentiality.