Friday, May 8, 2009

Ban request on chilichoclate

NB did an ass stunt on RD and got banned from kottu. It was said that there was a policy on kottu against exposing private details of other bloggers. Fair enough.

Now I see Chilichoclate or whatever has done a NB on NB himself by posting not only his photos but his family's as well. By going by the policies of kottu it is my belief that this blog should also be banned.


Anonymous said...

I think it's run by indi or that drummer obviously they wont remove it..

Anonymous said...

NB seems to have some deep underlying personality disorder!

If you ask me, the blog is by NB himself, trying to generate some sympathy.

I left a similar comment on the Chilli Chocolate blog which was not allowed - Suspicious

Anonymous said...

This is very entertaining. NB is a lucky bugger. She looks cute. RD's work for sure

Liberal Lanka said...


lets see.

indi said...

I removed it as soon as I saw. Still stuck on the top posts thing which I can't actually figure out how to control.

Liberal Lanka said...


If I am not mistaken the blog is still there.

The top posts are ok I guess as I remember NB's posts were also there in top posts for some days.

Anonymous said...

what abt this one.

Electra said...

Obviously, Indi is not paid to run Kottu so he only blogs and checks other blogs when he has the time, just like everyone else. If you have a pressing concern why don't you all send him an email bringing this to his attention instead of sitting around and bitching on a post that he might not, after all, even see?

Also are those pictures of NB for real? Those could be very well taken from his own blog. They look very much like all the pics he puts up on his own blog, so I might have to agree with with Anonymous who says it might just be him. I always thought they looked too much like they were posing in an advertisement to be for real. Is this guy and his family actually for real?

Liberal Lanka said...


Having thought again, yes maybe it was better if I had written an email. But indi saw this post so there is no need for it anymore.

I am starting to have suspicions on NB too but based on a total different thing. But i don't think it is mine job or yours to decide who writes that blog. Even if that is written by NB himself which you can only speculate about, that blog should be banned. What are you suggesting, hire a private investigator and wait for his verdict to remove that blog?

You seems to be advocating for two types of justice, one for your good friend RD and another for his enemy. You don't surprise me electra, this is the same country that have one set of laws for the poor and another for piyasiri wijenayakes.

N B said...

Hi :-)

Firstly, thanks for the request. I myself made many requests to Indi to ban this one. He sends mails saying he has removed, but one look at Kottu, you would know its still there and nobody is a fool to believe Indi when he says he doesn't know how to delete totally or control it. If thats the case, he is insulting his own abilities, let alone his silly little fucked up brain.

If you analyse it, Indi recently posted something on Kottu process where he explains how a blog gets listed on kottu. Going by his own statements, there is no way Chilli Choco could have got listed unless it was done by him or one of his sucker boy cronies. Another possibility is that Indi is drunk or gone crazy. This is the only way Chilli choco could get listed based on Indi's own statements on kottu process. A new blog, completely dedicated to attacking NB and nobody is going to buy Indi's claims that he didn't know. Oh please... stop this lankan mumbo jumbo will you Indi. We are no kids.

If you see my last blog post, I have made everything very clear. As for Electra's silly thoughts, well darling why not you come for a skype chat with me. Then you would know if I am for real. Don't be such a fool. This is a small world and there are many out there who do know me as much as people know you silly piyasiri.

Liberal, as for your doubts, please contact me. Will be happy to sort it out for you :-) Do keep in touch. Lets meet up sometime when I am in Colombo.

Thanks once again for requesting this site be banned. But we all know Indi will keep this and say "Due to a technical problem, we are unable to delete this" But lets not forget one thing, whatever religion we may belong to, we all beleive in one thing. God. And God knows the truth.

Liberal Lanka said...


sure, but don't have your email. can u drop an email to

N B said...

Hey :-)

See Indi's Hypocrisy here. I don't know what he has to say now. He said he deleted. But the blog is still listed on Kottu and the same blog has issued a second warning with a new post. How come the new post appears if Indi has REALLY deleted? Who is he trying to fool? If Kottu has "technical errors" only for this blog, then he should close Kottu altogether and go home without fucking around. I think the society should wake up and do something about this.

What nonsense? How can the feeds appear if Indi has deleted? This is what I have been saying. Indi is very much a part of this and this is possibly hosted by RD and others I exposed. See the latest one appearing on kottu. Why is it that Indi aka Indrajit Samarajiva doesn't practice what he preaches? Bloody ass.

My email is Will drop an email.

Thanks buddy :-)

Sam said...

Indi did lot for the Sri Lankan blog community. We all should grateful for that. May be now, the community has come a point, where we cannot pass all the weight on to one person. I guess in the future we will see more comments like Electra’s first sentence, if we follow same behavior.

Sam said...

//But lets not forget one thing, whatever religion we may belong to, we all beleive in one thing. God. //

sorry. i only belive in Unicorns.

Anonymous said...

NB Now that you proved your point why don't you delete chillichocolate and disappear. Now track this

Anonymous said...

Hey NB, How did someone get your family photos? If you gave permission to someone, who are they? publish the emails. It cannot be 100s, because not many people will want to see your monkey faces

Electra said...

Oh I'm glad you were able to figure me out so well from that one comment.

You're a bit hung up on your own ideals too, dude, we all are. You're just as obstinate and bigoted about your own views as much as the next guy. Obviously we never see these things about ourselves. Your own views seem irrational and extreme sometimes, just as the views of those you wish to condemn. We all have the capacity to be a fundamentalist, whatever our views, simply because we can be so passionate about what we believe. It's just that fundamentalism in the 'liberals' is never treated with as much anger as fundamentalism in the conservatives or the authoritarians. Ever thought of it this way?

So don't be so quick to judge.

I didn't really make a comment on how I felt about deleting that blog. Yes, I completely agree with you. I was only commenting on the surreal nature of all of NB's photos. I didn't really make a direct comment about the removal of the blog, my comment was about something else. But anyway, if I were to do that now, like I said I would agree that that blog needs to be removed immediately.

You seem a bit paranoid about this little theory of yours: that the whole world is like a set up for the rich, or powerful, or whoever you think it favours. Not everyone is out to get each other. Chill out.

Liberal Lanka said...

Ok electra i will :)

You seem to have judged me quite well while lecturing me not to do so :)

Just a little explanation, I don't condemn conservatives or authoritarians. I only condemn specific people and characters.

//You seem a bit paranoid about this little theory of yours: that the whole world is like a set up for the rich, or powerful, or whoever you think it favours.

Be on the receiving end once in a while and I think you will understand.

Voice in Colombo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Voice in Colombo said...

Can I add my two cents to this?

If I were ask to make a wild guess; i will conclude that this "Chilli Chocolate" blog is done by NB himslef; if not by someone who living very close to him, but hate him as much as I hate Prabhakaran. For someone to start a blog like Chilli Chocolate; there got to be a burning personal level score to settle. I may have lot of issues with Indi and RD, but I honestly don't believe they have time and motivation to do such a silly thing.

The photos published in the blog are clearly not family photos of NB or someone; but they are professionally shot stock photos of some Indian/Pakistani couple.

I vote for "this is NB himself!" option.

Why would NB want to do this?

a) He's having some serious issue of "attention".
b) He's trying to misguide his identity. If some one see these pictures and believe this; then he will never have a problem of someone else disclosing his real identity on some future day. If something like that happen, he can point to Chilli chocolate blog and say "Look here' this is me!"

I second Sam's comment that, Indi has done a huge contribution to Sri Lankan blogosphere, and no matter how much we differ in our opinion, we have to appreciate that.

Personally; I like all these funny/silly things. This keep our blogosphere more fun to be. We want more NB's, Padashows, and Chillichocolates to keep us entertained. :-)

One advice to Liberal Lanka ..

Don't get involved in lengthy debates with Electra :-) Save your time, and invest it somewhere worthwhile. You can't pour water to a wrong sided pot

Anonymous said...

NB is half Pakistani half Lankan married to a half Indian half Singaporean. Bugger can’t speak Sinhala properly. See the bur on his blog. See Indyana’s blog where NB and Indyana are communicating their clandestine affair in Urdu and avoiding others on kottu. Check the links here.

As for photos, it is that idiot who used to stay at 2, level 21, Royal park Rajagiriya. It’s the hysterical psychopath guy called NB. I know him. Sorry, don’t have an account so I go as anonymous. But my name is Ranga Perera

Its a good decision to kick him out of kottu. Bummer. As for Chili choco, I don't know.

N B said...

Just see my blog now :-)