Monday, May 18, 2009

Let's hoist the national flag minus the buddhist flag

The conventional military force of LTTE is made to rest, with almost all the top leadership killed. People are celebrating all over the place, and rightly so. Let's hoist the national flag everywhere possible and feel proud. But While doing that let's remove the Buddhist flags that could be seen along with the national flag on some places. Don't bring Buddhism into this.


Anonymous said...

I think we all understand what you say about keeping Buddhism away from politics. But that may be expecting too much from average folks who, right or wrongly, feel that LTTE/foreign NGO's were always out to destroy their Buddhist heritage through direct and indirect means.

This is a quote from your own post on 'Hypocricy of the west' telling us that it is pointless to complain about western politicians as they are 'politicians'.

"I see that many people are troubled by the hypocrisy of west these days. It is like they have been expecting the west to act differently. The west is hypocritical and it would continue be that way. Even if they change their stances on our situation for something else they would continue to be hypocrites. Anyone care to think why is this? Because politics is hypocritical, inherently it is so. Do any of you think we are less hypocritical than them?"

We have no option but to let Buddhists be Buddhists as they have a right to enjoy the freedom from a generational threat that targeted them as the 'enemy'.

When they themselves realize the errors of their ways they will correct themselves and embrace a more wholesome view of the world based in Buddhist teachings.

Sam said...


Religions often a parasite.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. the raising on bhuddists flags show that there still exists the religious and racial divide. so its sad, the military war is over, but still the divide exists. untill this divide is gone sri lanka is still in conflict.

Sam said...

I don’t think division will ever go away. It never happened before in human civilization, so I don’t think it will happen now. In my point of view, the key challenge Sri Lanka has to face is, not to eliminate divisions, racial or religious, but protect the freedom and provide safety to be divided and be deferent.

ViceUnVersa said...

Maybe what bothers you is that the war is over while terrorism and the Tamil aspirations for their own land is not over.
What lies ahead in the next few months is important as I believe it will shape the future of our country for ever.
As for the celebrations, I felt as a Sri Lankan a rush of relief that terrorists don’t hold the sovereignty of our country hostage anymore.
I have met and worked with members of the LTTE who were in Colombo during the peace process ages ago and also visited Killinochchi and Batticloa. They were not very nice people for whatever reason. They were terrorists who suddenly realized that holding a gun to someone’s head vs. verbal negotiations were a completely different ball game. Most importantly it was surprising to realize that their sermons of idealism were complete bullshit, they too were carried away with the love for power and brutality.
So when I heard that it’s over and complete control over Sri Lanka is back with the SLGov I did get a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye.
Yes the human loss and suffering is unbearable and unbelievable, but the LTTE had and have no place in Sri Lanka. That much is important.
So for once in our life lets forget our Sri Lankansisms of the past, lets be quietly proud and unite together to breathe a sigh of relief and look forward to a better future.
Smile. It’s OK.
Fuck the negativity for once, lets celebrate.

Foodie said...

Stop seeing conspiracies when there are none.

It's not that the Buddhist flag is being hoisted, it's just left over from Vesak, which if you remember, was just ten days ago.


Liberal Lanka said...

What conspiracy theory?

No there were Buddhist flags along with the national flag, if you had been able to observe the environment more consciously.

Nadun Herath said...

That's indeed sad. Let's hope Sinhalese will not make the mistakes in the past. Let's After giving an acceptable solution to the tamils all the people can live happily and peacefully as Sri Lankan in this land beautiful land.

Anonymous said...

Tough shit if you didn't like the Buddhist flags flying. People have a right to fly it. It's even going to fly on Christmas day, whether you like it or not.

Liberal Lanka said...


Yes i guess so. It is tough on Buddhism too that is supposed to be a tolerant religion.

BTW there is nothing wrong with Buddhist flag flying on christmas.

Anonymous said...

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