Saturday, May 9, 2009

Where is the old Beyond Frame

I found some rare free time after so much time, hence finding myself writing more, and yes some could be spam posts.

Beyond Frame Was my previous favorite sinhala blogger, until taboo subject came along and BF decided to make his blog ridicule dedicated. BF if you are reading this I just wanted to tell that you are good at ridiculing the ridiculous but you were better when you wrote about real issues.

Another thing I noticed is BF never comes to the list of top blog posts, yet his blogs hits are a mammoth 30,000. So he must have made a dedicated reader set. One of those who started through kottu but has moved ahead. Congrats BF!


Me said...

I share the same sentiments. At the same time I doubt whether Sri Lanka is ready for a "serious" discussion.

Liberal Lanka said...

hmm maybe but i can't stop thinking 'such a waste of talent'