Thursday, May 7, 2009

Murderers in uniforms

I blogged yesterday about the hypocrisy in politics where the poor and weak can't do the same thing what the powerful and the wealthy is doing. How police is going over the law to kill one set while doing the same to protect the other set.

I found this article about extra judicial killing by the police and see the comments of our citizens. The majority approves these killing. Looks like everybody has become cold blooded, maybe the result of war mentality. Here are my two cents on the issue.

If crimes has gone way above controllable limits in this so called passionate land of the Buddhists and drastic measures are called for like in the case of LTTE lets change our laws. Let's create an elite police unit that go after criminals but an unit that should also be accountable when need arises. Let's change the law so these units can go after criminals but should report to the judiciary and should justify their actions when the need arises.

The current situation is simply unacceptable. If you do a horrible crime and you have no power you will be killed by the police but if you do the same crime but is on the side where power lies police will protect you. Example is Piyasiri wijenayake, he will be freed simply because police was not prepared to file the case properly. Remember the education department official who stole millions and threw acid at a auditor? The courts are still asking the police to file the case, it is like 4 or 5 years now.

And what about the citizens led by the self appointed most passionate Buddhists of our country? When police kill a criminal that has no influence they cheer it, but vote overwhelmingly to Duminda da Silvas and Sumathipalas who are also criminals but of course with some influence. And here I was, advocating to fight this system which favors the powerful over the weak!


Sam said...

I think you are blaming the victims over here. Citizens, who you accused of been coldblooded, are not such, they are helpless. Do they have other options? A separate country perhaps? We don’t.

Sri Lanka has many problems, but Police is the biggest problem we have. It is like a failed kidney. The current war, to university rags, all that happens because our police unable to do it’s job. Just like our universities (education) were unable to provide the ethical discipline society needs, our police failed provide the physical discipline.

It is people’s fault to vote child rapists like Duminda da Silva, but in a democracy, people often wrong. One cannot always depend on people to make the right choice, and that is why we have a constitution and law to guide the people who have been provided with only a certain potion of power, not the absolute.

Liberal Lanka said...


Yes now I think it was wrong to blame citizens. Sorry my fault. But in the article to which I have provided the link, majority is cheering these murders.